A PC, a laptop and a tablet

It seems to be overkill, 3 different computers, but for me it really makes sense. It makes my life easier which is exactly what computers are for.

My PC I use for my clients for whom I need the Windows software.

My laptop is a MacBook Pro which I use to manage my email accounts and websites and to surf the web. It´s light for traveling and an Apple even now gives you a kind of an edge, a little bit of a cool factor which I so desperately need, being nearly 50.

My tablet is an iPad which I use whenever I´m not close to my computers. I use it to check my email, to Twitter, make ´phonecalls via Skype and to relax. Living in a part of Spain where I don´t have easy access to the books I like to read, I use my Kindle for Ipad daily. And of course I use it to play games.

Which do I like best and which could I not live without?

I definitely like my iPad best. It´s a great little tool. It´s so easy to use, allows me to keep up-to-date where ever I am and the possibilities are endless. Magazine subscriptions, books, games, email, internet access. I would never have bought it myself. It was a lovely and thoughtful gift from my last employer. Typing however is nearly impossible on the iPad, same goes for preparing documents. So it´s not the tool I couldn´t live without.

That would have to be the MacBook Pro. Not necessarily because it´s a MacBook, but because it´s a laptop. The freedom a laptop gives to travel, work from any place you want is fabulous.

And my old, trusted PC? I feel bad for it sometimes. It´s old-fashioned and taking up a lot of space. But it serves me well for when I need to use the Windows software. And it helped me through my first months as a new business owner, and that counts for a lot too.




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