Another example of social media being anything but

Reflecting back on what my business partner Christine wrote in her anti-social media post, I want to write a little bit about another example of this.

I do not remember the details very well, but recently there was a rather serious disaster in a pop festival in Europe. Several people died. Instead of picking this up on Twitter, the organizers had obviously preprogrammed tweets which went ahead during this particular disaster. It showed a disrespect for the victims, the victim´s families and the survivors. At those times social media can really work against you. And shouldn´t be called social.

Today we are experiencing the same thing. RIM have a serious Blackberry server problem which affects more or less the whole world. Twitter is buzzing with unhappy BB users and hoping everything will be resolved soon. I wouldn´t call this a disaster, but it certainly isn´t a party either.

What do @Blackberry Help Research in Motion do? They continue to tweet their prescheduled ads. Not a word about the problems, not even an acknowledgement. I can imagine they have bigger issues at the moment than watching their Twitter account, but still it is quite poor.

Just another example of where companies have to learn to manage their social media better and quicker. Good learning point I would say.

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