Be Present in Social Media

be present in social mediaYou really have to be present in social media marketing for it to work the way it should. Social media is about so much more than uploading a document into Hootsuite and considering that to be your posting for the week. You have to be present in social media for it to really pay off. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. During the past few months I got lazy! I stopped being present in the social media forums for my clients and just scheduled updates and postings for the week.

Be present in social media. Check back in to see if there are questions about what you posted. Respond to comments in forums and join the conversation. I realized that I had been spending my allotted time with tasks like cleaning things up, researching topics and writing blog posts. While those things are also very important, in hindsight my time spent on social media was not quality time. For instance, on the LinkedIn Group DSWA, I should have been actually conversing with the other ladies. In FaceBook, I should have been researching information from other direct sales organizations and sharing their valuable content with our followers.

Being Transparent in Social Media

I’m being honest, vulnerable and very transparent at the moment. I have been charged with doing the social media for VBBA and VBBA Direct and quite honestly, I felt it was more important to spend time in other areas rather than spending the time directly on the forums. I learned I had to be present in social media. When I reported back last week on progress made during the past few months, I realized what had transpired. The increase in followers and interaction in general was low. I was embarrassed BUT it was eye opening at the same time. Honest assessment: Be present in social media and play a positive role on the growth for the organization.

I have been telling clients all along that they need to be very involved in the social media process. Goose Egg! I dropped the ball for my own clients! I’m glad to have learned from this mistake and grow from it. That’s the process, right? Learn, assess and adjust.

How do you feel you have stacked up to this task? Are you as present as you should be in your own social media?


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