Belated 1 Year Anniversary

August 2011 Hilde van den Braak and Christine Bearse decided to join forces and started VBBAssociates. A lot has happened in this past year. Both Hilde and Christine started with approximately 3/4 clients each and now after one year, VBBAssociates serves 16 clients in total of which their latest client joined 9 October 2012. This is a growth of more than 200%. This increase in client load has necessitated a growth in team members in different specialties.

What made them decide to work together in the first place? In working together Hilde and Christine challenge each other on a daily basis regarding problem solving, dealing with how to find new prospects and getting them to join VBBAssociates. But also the large stimulating factor of working with someone building your company to become more professional, flexible in dealing with an ever changing business environment and sharing ideas in how to reach that next business goal that they have set for the company.

Has the economic climate worked in their advantage? They surely think so. After all, VBBAssociates is more cost effective for small business owners. They have organised their own office space, computer facilities, internet connections electricity etc etc. And working virtually is more of the here and now with having excellent internet facilities like Skype. As a VA one has to be flexible in working hours but that can be a great advantage at the same time.

Where will VBBAssociates go from here? The plan is to steadily build a solid Virtual Assistance company with more clients and more Associates …… and we feel the sky is the limit.

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