Building Virtual Relationships

I´ve written about building virtual relationships before. It is one of the issues I deal with daily in the trust relationship that exists between my clients and myself.

I´ve been reading up on research that has been done on this and I came across this page from Guided Insights which has very interesting thoughts about building virtual relationships.

The fact that the writers take a very personal approach is something that I like about it. I see a lot of articles about social media, about what to do and how to get followers/friends/connections. I miss very much the personal aspect of these virtual relationships.

I was starting to doubt myself. My attitude has always been that you have to understand the other person before communication becomes valuable. In the articles that I mention above, it is never about the other person.

The writers, Nancy Settle-Murphy and Charley Matera seem to really value the personal approach and that resonates with me. This article has been a lesson for me and has given me a lot of input into a subject that interested me hugely.

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