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Ethics when working virtually


Ethics in client relationships

Ethics in Client Relationships



Thanks to a GREAT team!

Giving Thanks!  A few weeks ago I had a family emergency. It was quite bad, and it meant that I was out of reach for a week. I had only my Blackberry and a serious situation on my hands… Continue reading

I hate school, but love powersearchingwithgoogle

I really hate school and I hate being in a class even more. I have had to do some courses for my work over the course of my career. And I´ve always hated them. Being in a classroom with people… Continue reading

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

I am writing this blog post because of a book I have been asked to review. It is Become A Virtual Assistant by Tess Strand. You can buy it here or here.

Of course, I was rather flattered. I… Continue reading

Connecting, reconnecting – and a valuable lesson learned

This week I was on Twitter, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I spoke with a schoolfriend I hadn´t seen for 30 odd years, exchanged photos with someone in Jerez, reconnected with a friend of 22 years with whom I shared… Continue reading

The best is yet to come…..

and babe won´t it be fine. it is one of our favorite songs, especially when performed by Nancy Wilson.

Van den Braak, Bearse & Associates started in August 2011. We were hopeful that we would build a better and stronger… Continue reading

When Not to Rely on your Network

Our virtual world relies on networking. We sit at home doing all our work with the computer, we find our clients, but also our solutions online. For this we need our network. The network we have carefully built through our… Continue reading

Working with difficult people

I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of the knowledge which has helped me reach the top of my profession. It’s about dealing with a difficult client.
I asked around and it seems that people… Continue reading

Another example of social media being anything but

Reflecting back on what my business partner Christine wrote in her anti-social media post, I want to write a little bit about another example of this.

I do not remember the details very well, but recently there was a rather… Continue reading

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