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clear communicationClear communication in Direct Sales organizations is vital in growing your business.  Clear communication is especially important when you want to expand your direct sales force across global borders.   There are various ways of communicating with your teams.  While twenty to thirty years ago, it was common to have meetings in the comfort of your living room and possibly hotel board rooms, this is no longer the case.  Direct sales leaders have the ability to expand their businesses across borders and into other countries.  Exploring and utilizing the best methods for clear communication in direct sales organizations is what we would like to talk about this month.

Clear Communication & Direct Sales Women’s Alliance

Recently we held a conference call with the Direct Sales Women’s Alliance discussing the importance of clear global communication.  Direct sales professionals have options to the living room “party”.  Using some of these effectively can help you expand your business and at a very rapid rate.   There are many commonly known social network alternatives that can be used to communication among team members.  There are also virtual tools you can use.  We will be exploring some of these over the next few upcoming weeks.

Cross-Cultural Communication  can be Tricky!

Initially it’s important to understand some general guidelines when it comes to clear communication in the global realm.  Expanding your businesses beyond borders can be fun and exciting.  It can also be tricky.  We all speak English, but meanings can vary between nations and even states.

Un-Clear Communication can be Embarrassing!clear communication

Case in point:  A British advertisement that came out in the 1960’s:  “Nothing Sucks like an Electrolux.”  Another example:  Ikea  introduced a desk called Fartful – not successful in English speaking countries – however in Sweden it means Speedy.  Another huge faux paux was when a British sportswear company introduced a sneaker called Zyklon in 1999.  It meant cyclone however, it was also the name of the gas used in the gas chambers of WWII.

Research to Promote Clear Communication.

Important point here:  Do some research.  Find a trusted adviser who understands the culture of the area you want to expand your business into, and create a strong bond with that person.  Together you can discuss and determine the best ways to expand your business into that particular region and the correct messaging to use.

Diversity Grows Great Direct Sales Teams.

During the past 10 years, diversity has become the most important subject on many corporate agendas. Diverse teams are more productive than homogenous teams – there are more ideas being thrown into the mix and research has shown that this is a more effective way to run organizations.  With that diversity, we have to embrace a different language. Perhaps not a new language, but a language that is acceptable outside one´s own culture.

Let’s talk about various ways to communicate virtually that can create strong ties among your members across borders.  Teleconferences, Webinars and social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the obvious ones.  We’ll also be exploring new forms of video messaging, bringing the personal message to your team members in new and exciting ways.

Have you found any communication barriers in your own organization that you would like to share?

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