7 Marketing Ideas for Small Business

How are you marketing?  What types of marketing are you using?  Marketing AvenuesMarketing comes in all shapes and sizes and the world of marketing is evolving at such a rapid speed, it is very hard to keep up and know all the things that are available for you to incorporate into your strategy.  Technological changes have forced the way of the “info-mercial” to come in small bit-sized pieces of information.  People don’t pay as much attention to TV so you have to consider alternative methods of reaching your target audience.  Print ads are still around, but dwindling, so incorporating internet marketing has to be in your strategy.

Marketing that will never go away.

  1. Word of Mouth.  You will always want to receive referrals from past clients.  There is nothing more solid than someone saying to me – “Oh, I brought my computer into “Jill’s Computers” for repairs and she was awesome.”  Never ever forget to follow up with past clients, just a simple system can create a stream of revenue.
  2. Networking.  There are the business networking functions that you attend at the local Chamber of Commerce and there are new networking forums to investigate through MeetUp online.
  3. Group Collaboration.  It started in college for many of us and has continued in the business world.  We collaborate with like minded people, either in business strategy meetings, or now online at LinkedIn Groups for business.  There are ways to bounce ideas off each other and gain strategies and build teams that ultimately help with your marketing and grow your business.

Marketing Services:  Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

As a business owner you understand what you do and the services you provide.  You also understand what you are the best at and chances are it’s not marketing.  So Delegate!

  1. Website building and SEO/SEM.  Websites don’t have to be in HTML any more, and can be a simple DIY site, but many times, when clients have tried building out a website on WordPress or GoDaddy or any of the myriad web building programs, they have failed miserably.  It’s not their strength.  The technology is just too hard to master or takes too much time to learn, reducing the time they have to do what they love.
  2. Social Media Marketing:  Everyone seems to have a handle on creating a business page on Facebook, Google+ and even LinkedIn, but some still don’t understand why.  Or what they are supposed to be doing with it.
  3. Listening posts are critical, so you hear what others are saying about your brand or your industry and there are several forums to set these up in.
  4. Content marketing:  Blog posts or article marketing, how are you incorporating this unique technique into your overall marketing strategy.

Delegate your Marketing

Learning to delegate is very difficult, especially for smaller business owners who believe they have to do everything themselves.  Investing in yourself and your business is critical to small business success.  So many small business owners don’t succeed because they burn out.  They are trying to do too much.

Share with us other ways that you delegate in order to grow your business.

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