Death of the Newsletter

death of the newsletterOur virtual assistant team was discussing the death of the newsletter for our clients and trying to come up with alternative ways to utilize the information in a more effective way. I know I go in and take myself off mailing lists all the time. There’s so much that comes into the inbox – some people we talked with said they flag the newsletters and put them into folders in order to read them later. The “later” never comes. Then we go in monthly and just “delete” – realizing we just don’t have the time.

Who does?

Some of our clients have been aware of the death of newsletters for some time and have tasked us to come up with alternative methods of communication to team members. So we started bouncing around ideas for alternative methods of getting the info out.

  1. Groups in LinkedIn that are private allowing team member discussions;
  2. Wiki-spaces (which have been utilized by the education departments in schools for a while now;
  3. Intranets – keeping a database internally for everyone to access for information
  4. Blog platforms – smaller articles of information that an be accessed in one platform and organized for ease of use;
  5. Mini blogs – like Facebook groups – that can allow for conversations among team members and accessible when they are ready for the information.

Newsletter? Really?

Business coaches are still training us to utilize email marketing via e-zines. However, the death of newsletter has affected that market as well and we are still brainstorming ways for our clients to communicate more readily with their clients?

How are you and your company handling the death of the newsletter?

What methods have you incorporated into your business in order to stay top of mind with clients or communicate steady messages to your organization/employees?

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