Drip Campaigns, Autoresponders, eZines and Newsletters Explained

I have noticed that so many business owners are confused by all the different forms of email marketing available. So I decided to break down the information so that it will be easy to understand and all in one place. There are also a plethora of email marketing providers out there as well and I will try to explain the differences between them in a future post, so stay tuned.

Email MarketingI am sure some of the confusion surrounding the different types of email marketing names and systems has something to do with how the companies that provide these services label their products. Then there is just the names people have gotten used to using.

So let’s dig in.

eZines and Email Newsletters – These two terms are used interchangeably all the time. Though I believe an eZine used to be an online magazine with articles that one could access via the web like any other website. Now, more and more people are calling their email newsletters eZines. An email newsletter is usually created using an html email service provider such as Constant Contact, aWeber, 1ShoppingCart, MailChimp, MadMimi, Infusionsoft, the list goes on and on. A business owner will create one either once per week or once per month and it will include content related to what their target market finds useful. They can include news about the company, news about the industry, a teaser to one of their most recent blog posts that links to the full post on their website (thus driving traffic to their site), and possibly a special offer of sale they are running, etc. Some email marketing companies call this a broadcast message because it is broadcast to the list or lists of people selected when you want it to go out. Everyone gets the same message at the same time.

Drip Campaigns and Autoresponders – These terms are used to identify a series of emails that go out on a schedule to people who sign up or opt-in to an email list. Say for instance you have a sign up for a free gift on your website. Once someone signs up you can send them a series of emails automatically one day, one week, one month or whenever you want the frequency to be. The first email may be the actual free gift whether it be a link to where they can download your ebook, or view your video series, etc. The second email may go out 2 days later, asking if they downloaded their free gift and giving a helpful hint about how they can use it the most effectively. Then a week later maybe you send them an email about how you have an upgrade to this free ebook for $$$ and they can purchase it now at a discount. You get the idea.

The key here is, you set these autoresponders up ahead of time and set the interval that you would like them sent out. So depending on when someone opts in they will get the emails in order. Unlike a broadcast email that goes out to everyone at the same time, an autoresponder is on a schedule and each person gets it depending on when they opted in. They are often called Drip Campaigns because they drip your information and special offers/upsells out to your subscribers instead of giving it to them all at once.

I hope this helps you to understand a little more about the world of email marketing campaigns.

Please ask me any questions via a comment below, I am happy to explain these concepts further.


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