E-commerce and shopping cart options explained

When 1Shoppingcart increased their prices this year, many people decided to reevaluate their shopping cart choices. I have to say, I have worked with many shoppingcart, email and affiliate marketing solutions and 1Shoppingcart is probably the most integrated package. It does make running your business easier if you don’t have the time or expertise to set up a system with more moving parts. Some of the downfalls to using it are the price and the learning curve in the email marketing part of the system. You also need to have a merchant account on top of 1SC like authorize.net or paypal. You will pay a transaction fee to them for each payment.

Many people in the business don’t like this approach, but I am going to talk about it anyways. If you are just starting out and have some technical expertise (or a good VA), there are some free (or very low cost) configurations you can try. One is to sign up for a free Paypal business account for your E-commerce solution. You will pay a percentage to paypal for each transaction (2.9% + .30), but you will pay that with any merchant service provider. For your email marketing a couple providers I like who offer free starter packages are MailChimp and MadMimi. And if you need an affiliate program, you can purchase idevaffiliate for around $100 and use it forever. I have used this system and it works well. I would put it at an intermediate level as far as technical expertise needed to install and configure, but better than paying $100 a month.

If your website it operating on WordPress (my favorite platform) then you have some options for shopping carts there as well. I like WP eStore and Worpress Affiliate software from Tips and Tricks. They also offer a membership plugin that rivals Wishlist. The integration is fabulous and you can be up and running quickly. You would need to have a merchant account, paypal or Authorize.net, etc to accept payments. If you want to allow people to subscribe to a program and pay a monthly charge, you will need a paypal account, this is the only downfall I have seen with this system. 1 Shopping Cart allows you to charge people monthly without using Paypal, they just charge you a little more to do it.

The last time I went on 1Shopping Cart’s website, it looked like the price didn’t get raised afterall. So I am not sure if pressure from customers changed their mind, or if the price increase comes later.

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