Facebook Pages Are Essential For Businesses

Companiefacebook page for businesss are discovering that building Facebook Pages are good for business.  Lately companies of all sizes are building Facebook pages and a Facebook presence to promote their business and products.  Another new trend:  companies building multiple Facebook pages.  When a company starts a new brand – be it service or product – they will start an entirely new “online persona”, which begins with building out a new Facebook page.  Buzz is created immediately when using this marketing tool, among others like a website landing page, a You Tube video and Twitter to “HIT” the market.

Facebook Pages are not static

Generally websites are static and very often people are not enticed to visit a second time.  However, when companies invest in keeping their Facebook pages updated, actively posting and interacting, the payoff can be enormous.  Getting the word out about sales promotions or a cool new way to do something keeps the company fresh.  Because these updates on Facebook pages will filter through to the news-feeds of followers, interaction is occurring on a more consistent basis.   As a result, there may be more visits to the company’s Facebook pages, enticing more likes, as the products or services go more viral.

Facebook Pages are Quiet Commercials.

Facebook pages accommodate people who actively want to follow your company.  Once a person likes a page, all updates for that company will come through on their news-feed.  On TV, we turn down or walk away when a commercial airs.  However, when there is an update in your news feed about a specific company’s product/service or a piece of information, it appears as interesting information.  When done properly – it doesn’t SHOUT at the reader, it just grabs attention.  Facebook pages and their updates can be front of mind attention with your audience.

Don’t misunderstand.  Facebook has incorporated an “advertising” opportunity for companies in order to generate more streams of income.   This new advertising will pop up based on recent searches you have performed on your computer.  It feels invasive to most, and this is not the updating on the news-feed that I am referring to.  These real “Commercials” can be eliminated from your news-feed if you want to turn them off.

facebook pages for businessFacebook Pages on Google Search Results

Approximately two years ago, a new trend developed which really hasn’t been discussed much of late.  Facebook pages on the results page.  Perform a search on Google and notice that underneath the “PAID RESULTS” some of the first pages you see are Facebook pages and other the social media pages for that particular phrase.  Websites will show up as well, but trending are the social media pages and results that pop up first, after Facebook, you will see LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.

“Share-able”-links (called the “Share” feature on Facebook Pages) now often have a higher priority than websites.  This means that social media sites are highly recognized by search engines and are showing up in Google’s results more than ever before.  A trend that will only continue.

What are some other reasons you believe companies should create Facebook pages?


This blog post was written by Andrea Lelieveld, Office Manager of our European Operations of Van den Braak, Bearse & Associates.  Andrea has been an integral part of our team since the fall of 2012 and she will be writing more on this and other topics going forward.


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