Does VBBA only work for businesses?
Although we describe ourselves as business support, individuals can equally benefit from our support services. For example retired executives might still be active with board memberships and travel. VBBA can help in organizing travel and agendas. We can also assist with dinner or cocktail parties, which very often taken up a lot of time and require organizational skills. Anyone who needs help with the practical side of life can be our client.

What is a VA?
A VA is a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a business support provider working from a home office. It is generally understood that a VA  is an independent service provider and business owner.  A VA is a general term, much like for example doctor. A doctor can be a paediatrician, a GP, a urologist. A VA can be a web designer, a bookkeeper, a social media expert, a paralegal. The possibilities are endless.

What does a Client Partner do?
VBBA introduced the concept of Client Partner (CP) because of the fact that we work with associates and subcontractors. We realized that once a business – or individual – is used to working with a VA, they use more of them. This can lead to managing several VAs. We wanted to make this easier for the client. The CP is the only person the client needs to speak to, for whatever job is required. Because of the regular contact between CP and client, the CP will become more familiar with the client and the business and is able to work with the company culture and suggest better solutions. The CP will manage however many VAs are necessary for the client and will ensure the quality of the work and timely delivery thereof.

Does EVERY client get assigned a Client Partner?
Yes, in one form or another, each account is serviced by a client partner. In the case of a client requiring only a Personal Assistant for travel and agenda activities, their Client Partner would oversee the high level Personal Assistance, whom the client would have direct access to. If their needs grow, their account will be reassessed by the Client Partner and additional resources would be allocated.

How many people work at VBBA?
VBBA is a joint venture between Christine Bearse and Hilde van den Braak. Christine and Hilde own their own businesses and work with associates and subcontractors who each are independent business owners. We therefore have no employees, but we work with the number of people needed at any particular time for the clients we have. Never more, never less.

How do you select your associates and subcontractors?
Most associates and subcontractors are referred to us by colleagues within our network. Some subcontractors approach us directly. All members of our team are interviewed personally by the owners via Skype, sample projects are assigned and evaluated. We check all references as well.

In what respect is VBBA a global business support provider?
We subscribe to the philosophy that diverse teams get better results, which is why we work with people from all over the globe. Because of the diverse team with a multitude of skills and languages, we can supply our business support to any client in any part of the world.  So, in every way we feel that VBBA is a global business support provider.

How do you bill your clients?
We bill our clients monthly. Retainer clients pay a reduced rate at the beginning of the month based on their desired blocks of time or selected package plan. Clients who do not wish to commit to a set number of hours, pay at the end of the month, for hours or packages purchased. We accept checks, credit cards and Paypal payments at this time.

Do you offer “roll-over” of unused retainer hours?
Roll-over of unused hours is good only for the next month. For instance if a client uses only 45 or their 50 monthly hours in Feb, they can apply the 5 unused hours in March only. After one month the hours expire.

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