Got The Right Social Media Strategy?

A client asked the other day how to incorporate social media into her marketing plan for her particular industry.  She was trying to figure out what forums she should be paying attention to.  A key element to social media strategy!

Social media strategy and marketing and  is really about relationship building and not selling.  While you really need to pay attention to your social media for it to be successful, there are ways to streamline the process so as to minimize your involvement.  Getting the right pieces into place is critical for the success of your social media efforts.
Find out where your target market spends its social media spare time

Knowing the Relationship

To incorporate the right social media strategy, there are different types of relationships that we first have to uncover.  Determining your focus is key:

  • B to B (Business to Business) – Examples of this would be Attorneys, Business Coaches and Virtual Assistants.  If you fall into this category, you are searching for other business owners to sell your services to.
  • B to C (Business to Consumer) – Real Estate agents, Life Coaches and Direct Sales Executives fall into this category.

You & Social Media?

Another piece of this equation has to be your comfort level.  Some of our clients like the personal aspect of getting to know their potential target market – while other clients (such as attorneys) prefer to keep it in the professional realm.  A forum like Twitter usually doesn’t work for our attorney clients but is the perfect forum for our life coaches.

Selecting The Right Social Media Forums.

If the majority of your clients come from business relationships versus personal relationships, you will want to focus on LinkedIn.  This is a social media and networking forum where you can join in on conversations regarding your expertise.  You will find others in your industry but more importantly, you can find your target market and listen to what their challenges might be.

If you are a real estate agent, focus your time on Facebook as this is a great business to consumer forum.  Much of your target market looks for information in this forum and you can let your expertise shine.  When you become a source of information and build trusting relationships, your business will naturally grow.  And you will feel good about adding value to your clients’ lives.

What are some other social media strategies & tactics you use?  We’d love to hear your ideas.

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