How Easy is Email Correspondence Really?

Not easy at all! This is from my own experience, but I hear about it from others as well.The fact that email correspondence is fast very often leads to fast writing. Fast writing is seldomly well thought through.
Not so very long ago we used letters, interoffice memos and faxes to communicate – telex too, but telex had its own rules. It took a while to get communication like that on paper.  Dictation, secretary typing out the letter, sign the letter. This gave ample time to think things through before actually mailing the letter to the addressee. Ample time to consider if the letter had the right tone and if there was any ambivalence.
In a very short time this has been overtaken by email correspondence. Email correspondence is immediate. Unless you ha

ve a lot of self control and are willing to save drafts and reread them before they get sent, it´s basically think whilst you´re typing and press the button.
In my profession where nearly all my work is via email, with people from different countries, this has can lead (and has done) to miscommunication. Miscommunication can easily lead to frustration and that is never a good emotion in business. I have therefore learned to take a few steps before sending out a business email:
– Sentences should never be more than 20 words long;
– Appreciate the addressee´s nationality and knowledge of English:
– Colloqualisms and shorthand such as 4, u or lol should be avoided;
– Reread the email twice before sending out:

  • to avoid typing errors, and
  • to make sure that sentences read in a friendly and clear way.

After this I am happy to send out the emails. It takes more time to do it this way, but the avoidance of miscommunication and frustration, to me is worth a lot.

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