How to Become a Virtual Assistant

I am writing this blog post because of a book I have been asked to review. It is Become A Virtual Assistant by Tess Strand. You can buy it here or here.

Of course, I was rather flattered. I must be considered a successful VA, why else would anyone ask me. And, you need to be a successful VA and understand the business before you can write a review on  Become a VA.

So, I started out rather happily reading the book. I was in a positive frame of mind. And I was not disappointed. It is a brilliant book. It covers everything you need to consider before becoming a VA, or even before wanting to become a VA. Tess has used her methodical mind to set out a framework for every step of the journey towards becoming an independent, successful business owner. I don´t think what she has written is limited to VAs only. It can be used for much more than that.

But what is even better about this book is the clear language and the fact that the writer  has the audience´s best interest at heart. There are quite a few resources for VAs out there, but none as honest and practical as this. Tess has used her own journey and the input from the Virtual Assistant Forums to create a comprehensive guide which is a pleasure to read, encourages you to think about yourself and your plans and gets you to the point where you can become your own boss.

This book will not only help you to become a Virtual Assistant, but it will also help you figure out if you want to become one.




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