I hate school, but love powersearchingwithgoogle

I really hate school and I hate being in a class even more. I have had to do some courses for my work over the course of my career. And I´ve always hated them. Being in a classroom with people asking all these rubbish questions, holding up the lesson.

So, when I started with powersearchingwithgoogle I did it with some feeling of dread.

But,………………it´s great. It really is. I´ve been using the internet for approximately 15 years now and have seen the development in search engines, with Google being the most used one, at least by me. I can find things relatively quick and easy. Or so I thought.

Powersearchingwithgoogle not only is a very well designed course, with a nice guy who takes the time to explain things in a kind and well spoken manner. But, he doesn´t waffle. He says what he needs to say and nothing more. The pre-assessment questions show pretty soon where you need to learn more. The lessons (3rd becoming available today) are to-the-point, short and the tests are intelligent enough not to bore me.

Very well done. Certainly something I would recommend to anyone wanting to become a faster and more accurate searcher using Google.

If only more courses were designed like this.

This is the link to powersearchingwithgoogle

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