Inaugural post: Looking Back and Moving On

The VA industry has long prided itself on their flexibility, their low overhead and the fact that as business owners they better understand that customer´s needs.
So, why are so many people still clueless on what a VA is and does. A glorified temp? An offshore assistant for 10ct an hour? A phone answering service?

That is why I think we need to move on and go from VA to business support. From ¨we are the smart hire¨ to ¨what is best for your business¨.

There is so much variety in VA expertise, just call us by our right name. A transcriptionist, a PA, a web designer, a social media expert, an event manager. Rather than focus on the facts we used to promote the VA industry, let´s focus on what it is we really do and how good we are at it.
Let´s show we are worthy of being hired, not because we´re a VA, but because we are the best at what we do.

VBBA will offer business support. It will be in a virtual environment, but it is business support. We will help find the best solution for our customers. Defining the best solution will include a look at the business environment, budget, the office set-up and the needs. Should this in the end mean that the customer is better off having support in place in the office, that is what our advice will be.

It will take a while to get used to the fact that we are our own competition, but I feel confident, that with the expertise we have, we will come out on top. Come out as confident, expert consultants who define themselves by what we do. And are the best at it.

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