The Pro’s and Con’s of Using Instagram for Social Media Marketing

instagram for social media marketingMany of us have seen photos that employ the use of Instagram technology to achieve a desired look.  Often times, this method revolves around slightly modifying the brightness, contrast and hues of a photograph to display a weathered and classical appearance.  Since the launch of this technology into the mainstream public just over one year ago, Instagram has enjoyed a massive amount of success in social networks and other photo sharing communities.  Thus, some of us may be wondering as to whether Instagram for social media marketing campaigns is effective.  Let us take a quick look at some of the benefits and pitfalls of utilising such a technology.

Benefits of Instagram for Social Media Marketing

We are all well aware that the success or failure of a marketing campaign revolves just as much around the presentation as it does the product itself.  This is the reason why advertisers are always trying to “push the envelope” a bit further to capture the attention of a certain audience.  Instagram can aid in such an appeal; offering a unique platform that can grab the visual attention of a viewer.

Also, the varying themes that this platform offers can be matched with the “feel” of a certain product or service.  For example, a travel agency may wish to slightly modify their pictures to emphasise the cerulean blue waters of a beach landscape.  Similarly, a law firm may choose to highlight tonalities of grays and blacks; stressing a “no nonsense” approach to their litigation cases.

Finally, Instagram tends to appeal to younger crowds who are more well-versed throughout the Internet.  This growing demographic represents a powerful audience that should be proactively targeted.  A company that uses Instagram can be considered “hip” and “modern” in times that are defined by an increased amount of competition.

Some Potential Pitfalls of Instagram for Social Media Marketing

While the aforementioned benefits cannot be overstated, it is important to appreciate some aspects of Instagram that can be considered slight disadvantages.  The most primary concern is the fact that some view this platform as a mere trend and nothing more.  This may indeed be the case, for it does seem that nearly everyone has jumped on the virtual bandwagon in recent times.  The danger here is the fact that if every company uses Instagram for social media marketing, the technology will quickly transform from “unique” to “banal”.

Secondly, Instagram is certainly not for every company.  Not every picture should be modified.  There may even be times when an altered photo will detract from the marketing campaign itself.  In essence, such advertising may actually do more harm than good.  Finally (and has been witnessed on social media sites), it is quite easy to modify a picture much more than is considered appropriate.  The result can be transforming what could have been a catchy visual advertisement into an obtrusive and clumsy piece.

While Instagram obviously offers both pros and cons to the user, it is nonetheless a powerful advertising tool that should be considered in any successful marketing campaign.  Should one wish to experiment, there is no harm at altering a handful of pictures and gauging any responses from the audience.  By employing Instagram properly, valuable success can be potentially added to any robust sales and marketing campaign.

Does your company use Instagram in your social media marketing efforts?  Let us know how it works for you.

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