LinkedIn Groups for Marketing and Networking

LinkedIn is an excellent networking tool to bring business professionals together.  You can build your professional network in LinkedIn.  You can also find other professionals in organizations you want to learn more about.  Finally, you can get introduced to new contacts through your existing contacts.
LinkedIn Groups for Social Media Exposure and learning from others in your industry

LinkedIn Groups as a Marketing Tool

While LinkedIn is a great professional network building resource, it can also be a tremendous marketing playground for your company.  With LinkedIn Groups, you can research companies in your industry.  LinkedIn Groups are also a great forum for building your reputation.  You can become the “go to” person with your services when you show that you are an expert.

LinkedIn Groups Have  A Wealth of Information

LinkedIn groups are searchable.  You can search on topics through advanced search options.  You can ask to join the LinkedIn groups that are interesting to you.  You can join groups that may be pertinent to your business.  Some of the LinkedIn Groups you join may be with like-minded business owners.  Other LinkedIn Groups could be those of your target market.  That being said, don’t join groups with the intention of selling your services.  Each LinkedIn group has a set of rules that you need to abide by.  If you start selling your services when the forum in strictly meant to be a discussion area, you will be asked to leave.  This can create more damage for your company and cause the opposite effect of what you had originally intended.

Build Relationships in LinkedIn Groups

Instead, LinkedIn Groups are a great way to build relationships with your peers.  As a listening ground, first, to see what everyone is talking about.  Then you will start to get a feel for the people in the group and the personalities.  When you feel like jumping into the conversation, go for it.  Add your two cents and make it valuable and/or relevant.

Everyone Loves Controversy

Another great idea is to bring up a controversial topic.  This will usually get a conversation started.  You can engage people into your topic and start building relationships through these interactions.

Many times in the groups section of LinkedIn, business owners discuss challenges they are facing.  Being a listening participant will also give you new ideas and strategies of ways you can help people.

Share other ways that you have used LinkedIn Groups.

Any other ideas  to build relationships for the B to B relationship?

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