Thanks to a GREAT team!

Giving Thanks!  A few weeks ago I had a family emergency. It was quite bad, and it meant that I was out of reach for a week. I had only my Blackberry and a serious situation on my hands which prevented me from doing any work.

Thank you, ThanksThis was one of those situations that is often mentioned in articles about VAs. What to do when the VA is unavailable. In an office, there is always a back-up. It was a good test of how our VA practice, with the systems that we set up and the network of associates and partners, was going to work.

And it did work. It worked brilliantly. I don´t think my clients missed me at all. The systems we had set up worked, it was possibly for our team to seamlessly take over my tasks.

Thanks To Responsible Business Partners

My wonderful business partner Christine @Christine_VBBA, took over management of my projects.
My dear sister Susanne @susanneandhilde, not only helped me out by taking full responsibility for one of the clients, but also provided practical help and was a rock for me to lean on.

Our new colleague and brilliant office manager Andrea Lelieveld, @Andrea_VBBA, took up the care of one of my more important clients and made sure that he was well looked after.

The others helped out and provided support where they could.

Gratitude Abounds!

I am happy to say that we were very lucky and my family situation is nearly back to normal. It was a true test of myself, my colleagues and my clients.

Having a great team, which Christine and I took care in selecting, means that even in the most difficult of circumstances work can continue as -nearly- normal.

Thank you guys!

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