When Not to Rely on your Network

Our virtual world relies on networking. We sit at home doing all our work with the computer, we find our clients, but also our solutions online. For this we need our network. The network we have carefully built through our friends and acquaintances.  Friends and acquaintances we have found via Twitter, professional forums, Facebook. LinkedIn. And, at least in my case, real friends in the real world.

Friendship crosses boundaries with work. I like to work with people I trust and people I trust often are or become friends.

But, there is one exception I make to this rule. And something that happened this week told me that my instincts are right on this. When I need a lawyer, or a tax advisor or financial advice, I do not seek this in my circle of friends or acquaintances, virtual or real.

A good friend of mine used one of his best friends as his lawyer. The lawyer didn´t do her job right, and my friend is now faced with a huge debt. The lawyer insists it isn´t her fault, but there is no evidence to confirm this. The friendship is now at risk, and my friend doesn´t know how to handle the situation. Fight for himself and his money or try to rescue the friendship.

Whenever my money is involved, I do not rely on friends. Was it Mario Puzo who said: friends and money are like oil and water. Whoever it was, I agree with him.



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